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Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence

Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence Operationalizing innovation to maximize business value Modern Digital Platforms such as SnapLogic empower enterprises to unlock the value held in existing systems and data, allowing new services and strategi...

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Dominic by Employee
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Snaplex Capacity Tuning Guide

Introduction This document serves as a comprehensive best practice guide for developing efficient and robust Pipelines within the SnapLogic Platform. It offers guidelines that aim to optimize performance, enhance maintainability, reusability, and pro...

Disaster Recovery

How SnapLogic will recover the platform and data in the event of a disaster; and a forward look at SnapLogic’s disaster recovery strategy. Introduction The purpose of this whitepaper is to present SnapLogic’s method and means to recover from a disrup...

dmiller by Admin
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Project Structures and Team Rights Guide

Overview This document outlines the recommended organizational structure for Project Spaces, Projects and team rights within your SnapLogic org. Authors: SnapLogic Enterprise Architecture team Integration Storage Hierarchy In the SnapLogic platform, ...

Bash by Employee
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Collaborative Development Best Practices

Collaborative Development Best Practices Sharing knowledge to ensure repeatable project success Executive Summary This guide is designed for organizations wishing to take full advantage of the potential value of the SnapLogic integration platform th...

Dominic by Employee
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