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Developing Snaps on Windows via WSL

We recently had a support request received via the support e-mail for snap development and found that the root of the issue (accounts in custom-developed snap packs) was caused by a strange behavior with how Windows (and specifically Windows Subsyste...

Failure: void io.netty.handler.codec

I'm trying to connect to my blob account using a Custom Snap. The code is working fine in IDE. But not in SnapLogic and throws  Snap has the following errors. Please open the info box and edit the highlighted fields.Failure: 'void

rashadh by New Contributor
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Send encrypted data as a mail to user

I want to send a mail to user ,but any one who opens the pipelines dhould not be able to see the actual data of the body.Is there any way to do any encryption like that?only the email receiver should be able to see the actual other snaplo...

ash42 by New Contributor III
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