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PostgreSQL Bulk Upload

Is there a way to remove the PRIMARY_KEY from insert query getting triggered from PostgreSQL Bulk Load Snap.Issue is when the Snaplogic trying to insert data into postgreSQL the PRIMARY_COLUMN is going as NULL which is causing while inserting record ...

manojchit by New Contributor
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SFTP errors

FYI I was getting errors with pipelines using a directory browser with a basic auth account for SFTP. After doing some testing and verifying the authentication details I ended up rolling back the Binary Snap Pack version to Main19844. Problem was res...

chris_king by New Contributor II
  • 4 replies
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Reading data from HTML Table

Hi Guys , I am trying to read a data from an HTML table. Used REST API to connect to the webpage and able to get the response. However parsing the table is really challenging. I tried the XML parser , mapper( html.decode ) , java script , JSON parser...

Resolved! SOAP Customize Envelope

Do you have a sample for soap execute>customized envelope> foreach Function? What’s the language we should use in customized envelope?

sdeng by New Contributor II
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