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About the Pipeline Patterns Catalog for IIP category


This section contains a library of sample pipeline patterns created by the SnapLogic team, customers, and partners and available for you within the product. Learn more about using Pipeline Patterns on

Are there patterns you would like to see? Let us know.

We encourage SnapLogic users to submit their pipeline patterns. Submitted pipeline patterns will be reviewed and certified by the SnapLogic team, and will be added to this library for users to download and use.

To submit patterns, please fill out the form under the Pattern Submission box.

Accessing Patterns

There are several ways in which you can access these patterns.

In the Community

In this section of the Community, you can search for a pattern. When you find one you want, you can download it from the Community and upload it to the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration platform by importing a pipeline.

in Designer

Within the product, you can find the same set of patterns in Designer under the Patterns tab in the Cloud Pattern Catalog.

In Studio (in progress)

As part of the new UI known as Studio, we are implementing a new pattern catalog with in product documentation. Let us know what you think!

Diane Miller
Community Manager

New Contributor II

I am not able to see only ML Patterns in Patterns Catalog even though I have enabled “Palette”.

I want to see - Snaplogic Patterns Catalog, which is not visible to me.
What do I need to do, to get the patterns catalog?

Thank you.

It depends on how you have your UI set up. It may not display until you search for a pattern.

Diane Miller
Community Manager

New Contributor II

Dear Miller,
The Patterns Catalog is not showing up.
But ML Patterns show up.

Please see snap below.

  1. Is there a permission issue?

  2. Is there a Download link available for Patterns Catalog pipelines, so that I can download and upload to my project?

Please guide,
Thank you so much.

The MP Patterns project that you are seeing is a local project in your org that someone set up as a patterns project and copied pipelines into it.

There is a setting in Manager > Settings to enable/disable the Cloud Pattern Catalog. You have to be an admin to see the Setting section. If you are not an admin, you can perform a search for a pattern to see if it is enabled.

You are currently using the Asset Palette UI (set under User Settings).
To see pipelines in the SnapLogic Cloud Pattern Catalog in that UI, you need to type in a work that is within the title of a pattern (like Workday) and hit Enter. Then you should see Cloud Pattern Catalog show up (with a number of how many patterns contain your search).

If you are not using Asset Palette, you will see SnapLogic Cloud Pattern Catalog listed under the Patterns tab, but won’t see the patterns there until you search here as well.

As the Pattern Catalog moves to the Studio UI, patterns should be easier to find.

Until then, you can find the pipeline patterns within the Community at Pipeline Patterns Catalog for IIP - SnapLogic Community.

Diane Miller
Community Manager