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Creating a ServiceNow Incident from a JIRA Issue

Contributed by @rdharnikota This pipeline gets the details of a specified JIRA issue and creates an incident in ServiceNow. Configuration The first Mapper maps the JIRA issue ID and the issue comments to the ServiceNow incident. Other fields are a...

Canonical Patterns

Canonical (JSON) to Vertica.slp (9.0 KB) Canonical (XML) to SFTP.slp (12.7 KB) Canonical (XML) to Vertica.slp (13.3 KB) Author @vish

Redshift Patterns

Simple -Oracle to Redshift.slp (4.3 KB) Join Oracle-SFDC to Redshift Bulk.slp (8.0 KB)

Tableau Ingest from Salesforce

Created by @vish This pipeline uses SOQL to gather information from a Salesforce account and sends it to Tableau Configuration Sources: Salesforce Account Targets: Tableau Snaps used: Salesforce SOQL, Tail, Salesforce Lookup, Structure, Conditiona...

Anaplan Ingest Patterns

WD to Anaplan.slp (14.7 KB) SAP to Anaplan.slp (20.9 KB) Salesforce to Anaplan.slp (17.3 KB) Author @vish

How to send a file to Salesforce as an attachment

This example demonstrates how to attach a file to Salesforce as an attachment. The sample pipeline will read a file from source, query an account record from Salesforce and attach the file to the record as an attachment. Salesforce Read will query ...

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