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Azure Service Bus Integration

Created by @elesh.mistry The video that was here is no longer available. Pipelines demonstrated in this video: Azure Service Bus (Write) V3_2018_06_22.slp (12.2 KB) Azure Service Bus (Read and Delete) V2_2018_06_22.slp (12.5 KB)

dmiller by Admin
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Migrate from a Groundplex to a Cloudplex

Created by @rsramkoski The following pipeline comes from the Using SnapLogic Meta Snaps to Update Tasks video from the blog post 3 tips for working remotely with SnapLogic | SnapLogic Downloads SL_ChangeTaskSnaplex.slp (24.0 KB)

Get Marketo Access Token

Created by @pdas This pipeline is used as a child pipeline to provide the access token in other Marketo-based patterns. Configuration For the REST Get, you will need to specify the following Marketo information: Set Service URL to get the OAuth to...

pdas by Employee
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Move data from AWS S3 to Snowflake Data Warehouse

Created by @pkoppishetty The pipeline pattern moves data from AWS S3 to Snowflake Data Warehouse. The pattern contains a Directory Browser (to retrieve the file list from S3), Snowflake Execute, and Snowflake Bulkload Snaps (to load the correspondin...

SnapLogic Folder Access Check

Created by @MohammedRafi from Agilisium The purpose of this pattern pipeline is to create an API that accepts user’s Email ID as an input and returns the list of SnapLogic project folders to which the user has Read, Write and Execute (R,W,X) permis...

SnapLogic Group Creation and Populate with List of Users

Contributed by @MohammedRafi from Agilisium The purpose of this pattern is to automate the creation of user groups and add the list of users to the group in SnapLogic using API. This is typically useful for user and access management. Configuratio...

SnapLogic User and Folder Creation

Contributed by @MohammedRafi from Agilisium The purpose of this pattern pipeline is to create a single/group of admin users and the default project folder for each user in SnapLogic using an API. Note: This pattern assumes the email convention of fi...

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