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NetSuite Case to ServiceNow Incident

Former Employee

Created by @tlui

This pipeline looks for NetSuite Cases in past 24 hours and brings them to ServiceNow. The pipeline attempts to bring the email of the NetSuite user but if none is found, it is defaulted for ServiceNow. Customers may want to use the NetSuite Contact to ServiceNow User pattern in conjunction with this to ensure ServiceNow Users exist for a corresponding NetSuite Contact.



This pattern was created using NetSuite WSDL: 2018, Release 1 and ServiceNow London Version.
The NetSuite query range may be configured. The head within the pipeline may be configured or removed to allow for a larger number of records through once the pattern is fully tested.

Sources: NetSuite Issue
Targets: ServiceNow Incident
Snaps used: NetSuite Search, Mapper, JSON Splitter, Head, Copy, NetSuite Get, Join, ServiceNow Insert


NetSuite Case to ServiceNow Incident.slp (19.1 KB)