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SnapLogic Public APIs for Pipeline Runtime Execution Info

Former Employee

Created by @cstewart

This pipeline uses the SnapLogic Public APIs to read the summary of executions, then does two things with them; first writes the line detail retrieved into a file, and concurrently, also writes a summary into a file, so you can see what the output contains.

This pipeline utilizes the following techniques:

  • Using the iteration feature of the REST Get Snap so that the multiple iterative requests required to retrieve the detail from the SnapLogic Public APIs are consumed.
  • Dynamically configuring the URLs used with the expression language ternary operator
  • Using an expression to get the org name (for use in the URLs)
  • Putting multiple different format data into a single output stream, with an implication of order



The REST Get Snap will need a REST Basic Auth account with credentials valid to make the request to the platform, and the result will only include the results for those executions which those credentials have authority to see.

Sources: SnapLogic API
Targets: CSV and JSON Files
Snaps used: REST Get, JSON Splitter, Copy, Aggregate, Mapper, Union, JSON Formatter, CSV Formatter, File Writer


GetRuntimeInfo.slp (19.8 KB)