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Poll: How do you use UAT?

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UAT ( is an environment available to our customers for the testing of their pipelines with the upcoming release in the weeks leading up to the next production release.

We’d like to know:

  • Do you systematically test your pipelines in the UAT environment before a SnapLogic release?
  • Do you test all of them or only a subset?
  • Do you use the UAT environment in other ways?

Let us know with a reply below.

If you are an existing customer and don’t believe you have access to UAT, contact your SnapLogic account manager.

Diane Miller
Community Manager


First of all, I APPRECIATE being allowed to use UAT! I got to use it before the last major release, and the release of the latest reltio snaps.

I tested it, and even got to give some suggestions.

I was glad that I was allowed to see the potential impact, and the potential for bringing our projects into line with a real production release. The first reltio snaps lacked the ability to be automatically migrated. Outside of the lack of a generic API CALL, The reltio snaps are far improved, and allow for a proper migration.

When reltio had a problem, I was able to continue development on UAT.


We’ve been trying different approaches to using UAT to test the new releases. For the upcoming release we’re regression testing a subset of our production pipelines in UAT. The subset selected ensures coverage of all snaps that we use and all different account types that we use.We had written a pipeline that identifies all of the snaps and accounts that we use to help with the selection process.

Contributor III

Yes, quarterly release notes are reviewed by the whole team and…

We test a subset of pipelines based on the release notes’ indication of what has changed. However, testing just a subset has bitten us a couple of times in the far past when an undocumented bug fix was applied to Expression Language which caused some of our previously working expressions to start to error.
(I would also add: Having the Expression Language change log added to release notes would be of great benefit! Not only for bug fixes, but also newly added methods that I sometimes miss in the documentation for a quarter or two)

We also use UAT to:

  • Test platform enhancements/modifications
  • Safely test updates/additions to our own custom-developed snap packs
  • Safely test SnapLogic Metadata snaps

Valued Contributor

I concur to each and every statement by @del