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GlobalLogic: Managing and Transforming Data in Real Time with Multiple Integrated Applications

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What were the underlying reasons or business implications for the need to automate business processes?

Following were some of the challenges that we had which implicated the need to automate our business process:

a) More than 24 hours to get data Sync from oracle ERP to various reporting tools.
b) Lot of Manual intervention was required in order to operate Project Managerment activity. To achive this Financial Force project Order to Invoice has been implemented.
c) Manual addition and removal of each GlobalLogic Employee’s in their respective JIRA/GPS(Global People Service) groups.
d) Post COVID company runs on hybrid model and no need to assign designated seats to each employees, so integrated the IBM Tririga as Integrated work ManagementSystem and integrated all Employee, department, Project Data to IBM Tririga Application.
e) Different Logic/Platform/Environment to gather the same set of data resulting in erroneous results,
f) Delay in Time to completion

Describe your automation use case(s) and business process(es).

GlobalLogic wanted to have some latest Integration tool which have the capability to send the data to realtime / Batch / Scheduled/Cron job manner so all the data transportation can happen across the various systems along with data transformation also if required and replace their existig legacy integration tool which doesn’t have capability to sync data to realtime and cron job manner. GL has mainly use case of integrating various On-Premises and cloud applications,In order to achieve this Objective GL selected SnapLogic Integration Platform after reviewing multiple other ETL tools available in industry.
Using SnapLogic, GL is able to achieve the multiple parallel application integrated within a period of 6-9 months from the time of getting initial license of this Product.

Following were some of the major use cases:
a) Integration with Oracle ERP Data to Salesforce (Scheduled Job and real-time).
b) Extract Employee data from Oracle ERP and assign them in their respective Atlassian JIRA groups with the help of atlassian JIRA APIs.
c) GL has its own GLO page where recruiter can create vacancy and generate the offer letter, in order to achive it needs real-time data from Oracle ERP based on recruiter inputs.
d) On the various base data feed from Oracle ERP to Anaplan in order to achieve forcasting data.
e) Real-time data sync between IBM Tririga and Google Gsuite Calendar Integration and make both the system in sync of all reservations of Conference room.
f) Take the Ex-employee of GlobalLogic from Oracle ERP and assign them to designated project in GL GPS(Global People Service) so that they can followup with HR team for any query and clarification once they are out of GL and based on their FNF settlement again revoke the access.

Describe how you implemented your automations and processes.

In order to achieve our all use case defined to move data from one application to other system mainly from Oracle ERP and Data WareHouse to Salesforce, Atlassian JIRA, GLO Application, IBM Tririga, HireEZ,Eightfold, SQL Server, Google Gsuite, Anaplan, Coupa, Signy and some of the external Vendors application. We have achieved these with help of core and some premium Snap Packs like REST API, Salesforce, MySQL, SQL server, Anaplan, FeedMaster features, Oracle, Email, SOAP etc and basic core Snaps.

What were the business results after executing the strategy?

Using SnapLogic post integration the whole Data transportation from ERP to Salesforce improved nearly by more than 90% improvement.the Millions of records from ERP data reaches in less than 15 mins which was earlier happening 3-4 employees manual data extract from ERP in Excel and generate the report based on Excel formula. Due to these Integration Refreshed data is available in Salesforce for reporting.

The flexibility, speed and ease of use of the SnapLogic Platform allowed us to remove the time based bottleneck of getting the data and get the refreshed report and increase in productivity by more than 75%.
Before this implementation Managers and Business owners had to wait 24-48 hours to get the various reports on either entity, and also 2 days behind data, but with this implementation Business owners get the refreshed data in one click which is near realtime data of across entity.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution?

Initially this was handled alone by me and the initial Implementation who basically were responsible in developing and setup the Snaplogic Org Administration Configuration setup Groundplexes, FeedMasters user groups etc. in order to setup structured way of SnapLogic Org.

When we joined GlobalLogic then we took the charge of SnapLogic as an Technical Architect and primary role was to configure the SnapLogic Application ready to use as per Business standards considering snapLogic design principles.

We have involved also in purchase of additional licenses of Snaplogic Orgs and Nodes, FeedMaster as per requirements need with help of SnapLogic sales team and was co-ordinating with Harmeet Grewal and our CSM Nidhi Sohal.

Later we hired one more SnapLogic-experienced employee ( and we took charge of all existing and new Integration along with created various automated reusable SnapLogic Pipelines which can save the lot of effort while doing repetitive type of work based on different input values.

Currently we are integrating with multiple Application like Salesforce, Atlassian, Coupa, Signy, Anaplan, LearnUpon, Oracle ERP, DWH,Google Gsuite, IBM Tririga, Hire EZ, Eightfolde,iMocha and many more to come.

SnapLogic Technical Architect : Subhash Chandra
Integration Lead Consultant : Abhishek Raj

Anything else you would like to add?

GlobalLogic Investment in SnapLogic Integration Platform which is a true Enterprise Platform in the cloud has tremendous benefits in speeding up their Business Objectives related to all integration held and Data Availability resulting in increase growth and productivity.

Below is the Integration scope roadmap of SnapLogic in GlobalLogic

Below is the Integration scope roadmap of SnapLogic in GlobalLogic


Diane Miller
Community Manager