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Anaplan Update Communication for the 4.15 Release

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SnapLogic is releasing an updated Anaplan Snap Pack to support v2.0 API and CA authentication on November 10th 2018 (4.15 release). This Snap Pack will not support the Anaplan self-signed certificate option. If customers want to continue using Anaplan’s self-signed certificate, then they must roll back to a previous Anaplan Snap Pack version that supports this option.

There are 3 different scenarios for customers who are using the Anaplan Snap Pack and need to take actions where applicable on or after November 10th 2018.

Scenario 1:

Customers using basic username and password authentication in Anaplan Snap Pack-> No changes required from a customer standpoint when the updated Anaplan Snap pack is released on November 10th 2018.

Scenario 2:

Customers who have purchased a CA certificate have to use the updated Anaplan Snap Pack that comes as part of November 10th release. You have to update the Account settings and provide the right set of information under the following fields: External certificate file, External certificate contents and External private key.

Scenario 3:

Customers who still want to use a self-signed Anaplan certificate should roll back to a previous Anaplan Snap Pack version after you have upgraded the Snaplexes to the 4.15 release.

Go to Manager and click on Snap Packs on the left. Select a previous version of the Snap build under Anaplan Snap Pack and click update. More info is in the link:

The Anaplan certificate will expire on December 8th. Customers should download the new certificate and update the Anaplan Snap account to reflect the same.

More information on how to download a new Anaplan certificate is mentioned below:

Diane Miller
Community Manager