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Deprecated: Adobe Experience Platform Snap Pack

Former Employee

01/01/2021 Update: The Adobe Experience Platform Snap Pack has been deprecated.

Adobe Experience Platform, or AEP, is a suite of customer experience management services and tools that join content and data into one customer data platform with a cohesive view of customer profiles that include information around customer behavior, point of sale terminals and CRM data in real-time.

The benefits and use cases range from allowing your data scientists to develop and train data models for insights or using customer data to identify behaviors and interests and creating a buyer persona to personalize customer experiences.

In the last release we shared the AEP Read snap. In this release we add on the additional functionality of the S3 Connector, File Generator and Write snaps. It’s useful to note that the S3 Connector Snap utilizes Adobe Experience Platform’s Flows API allowing for great performance even on large batch sizes.


New Contributor

Any tips to improve the performance of AEP Write Snap?

Former Employee

Hi Prsimha,

The Adobe Experience Platform Snap Pack has since been deprecated and transitioned to a privately available snap that is no longer supported by the Product Team. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in using the private unsupported version of the AEP Snap Pack, or would like to connect with our Professional Services team who can assist you in improvements to the AEP Write snap.

Pooja Sontha, Snaps PM
SnapLogic PM Team