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February 2018 Release (4.12) Plan

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We are pleased to announce the February 2018 release (4.12) of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud. The first update to UAT will take place on January 26, 2018 at 11:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM GMT. The release is currently scheduled for deployment to production on February 17, 2018 at 9:00 PM PT / February 18 at 5:00 AM GMT.

Join us and our product team on February 22 at 9:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT for a live webinar that dives deeper into SnapLogic’s new features and enhancements. Please register here.

Platform Enhancements
SnapLogic is introducing the following platform enhancements in the February 2018 Release:

  • Rolling Upgrade Window: The February 2018 Release (4.12) lays the foundation for customers with Platinum Support to be able to select their upgrade windows for their Groundplex and Snap Packs beginning with the May 2018 Release (4.13). Platinum Support customers will receive instructions on how to take advantage of this new feature in April 2018.

  • Recycle Bin: Allows administrators to recover accidentally deleted assets (pipelines, tasks, accounts, etc.) for a period of up to 30 days after deletion.

  • Pipeline Execute Optimization: After the first execution of a child pipeline with the Pipeline Execute Snap, no further communications with the Control Plane will be required, resulting in performance improvements for high frequency Pipeline Execute usage patterns.
    Expression Language Performance Optimizations: The evaluation of expressions have been optimized for platform-wide performance improvements.

Snap Enhancements
Expand your cloud migration and cloud-first initiatives with these new and enhanced Snaps:

  • New Snaps

    • Reltio: Enables customers to seamlessly integrate various applications data with Reltio MDM solution to ensure higher consistency and quality of data.
    • Amazon SQS: Enables customers with a robust Amazon SQS integration to deliver highly scalable and efficient event-driven solutions.
    • File Operations: Allows customer to perform local move of files from one location to another location when using S3, Azure Blob Storage, FTP, SFTP and local filesystem (provides a significant performance improvement, especially for archiving use cases).
  • Enhanced Snaps

    • S3: Supports AWS S3 versioning capabilities where users can now access multiple versions of a file stored in an S3 container.
    • ORC NameService: Extends current ORC Snap functionality to support NameService to better support the high availability features of Hadoop Named Nodes.
    • Transform: Provides performance improvements for both the Join and Aggregate Snaps.
    • Salesforce: Enhances error handling capability.
    • SAP: Adds support for retry and exceptions handling via SnapLogic error views.
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Provides improved performance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upsert Snap with “Batch” support.
    • MongoDB: Enhances security with SSL/TLS certificate support.

Release schedule is planned as follows:
Jan 26th 11 AM PT (6pm GMT) Deploy to UAT (up to 4 hours)
Feb 2nd 11 AM PT (6pm GMT) First planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
Feb 9th 11 AM PT (6pm GMT) Final planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
Feb 17th 9 PM PT (Feb 18th 5 AM GMT) Deploy to Production (up to 4 hours)

How do I learn more?

If you are unable to attend the webinar on February 22, visit the documentation site with the initial deployment to UAT for additional details on new and enhanced platform features and Snap Packs.

Be sure to join in the conversation in the SnapLogic Community.

Lastly, contact us directly if you have questions about the release at

Thank you!

SnapLogic Product Team

Diane Miller
Community Manager


Does this mean that Reltio customers get access to the new code tomorrow? We would really like to get access. We have been waiting for this.


I have forwarded your question to Product Management.

Diane Miller
Community Manager

Admin Admin

Existing customers who have access to a UAT org and currently have access to a Field version of the Snaps should be able to access to the new Reltio Snap Pack with the UAT update today.

Diane Miller
Community Manager

What distinguishes a “UAT ORG”? I have only three…
The regular one, RELTIO, that is apparently for production,
RELTIOTEST that is for QA
RELTIODEV which I still have no actual real access to. I can only see it and maybe run temporary tests.

Can I get access? It would be nice if I knew I had an easy way to do what I had to do, or maybe could just ask for the MINOR change, or if I have to change my pipelines, losing some functionality, to avoid promotion problems.