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Launched: Git Folders Support


You can now link Git Repositories at the Project Space Level so that all folders in the Git Repository are automatically mapped to SnapLogic projects. Same set of Git operations are supported at both levels. 

This feature greatly simplifies management of your SnapLogic pipelines especially if your team is building and managing hundreds of workflows/pipelines. It is available for all Git Repositories that SnapLogic supports, i.e. GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Azure Repos, GitLab SaaS and Self Managed. 


New Contributor

@dbapat our team has recently started its focus on using Github as source code management for Snaplogic. I am glad this is made available as it helps management of snaplogic pipelines better. I noticed that the project space name has to be same as Github repository name for the link to be successful i.e. commit any changes in Snaplogic to be available in github repo ? is my understanding correct ?