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SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform Summer 2017 Release

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This is a reminder that the Summer 2017 Release of the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform to UAT will take place tomorrow at 10am PT (5pm GMT).

Platform Updates Include:

  • New Ultra Dashboard providing local view of Snaplex activity.
  • Project level migration from one org to another.
  • API threshold notifications and alerting.
  • Public API for groundplex installers and configurations.

Snap Updates Include:

  • [New Snap Pack] AzureSQL Snap Pack - Bulk Load, Bulk Extract, Update, Execute, Stored Procedure and TableList.
  • [New Snap Added] Teradata Select.
  • [New Snap Added] Microsoft Dynamcis CRM Upsert.
  • Performance enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Create.
  • Parquet Writer partitioning support in standard mode.
  • Parquet Reader/Writer with S3 and IAM support.
  • Kerberized HDFS Reader/Writer support on groundplex.
  • SAP Message Server support.
  • Rabbit MQ Producer retry capability support.
  • Confluent v3.2 support for Confluent Kafka Snap Pack.
  • SSL support for RabbitMQ and Confluent Kafka Snap Pack.

Release notes may be found here.

Release schedule is planned as follows:
*Jul 22nd 10am PT (5pm GMT) Deploy to UAT (up to 4 hours)

  • Jul 29th 10am PT (5pm GMT) First planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
  • Aug 5th 10am PT (5pm GMT) Final planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
  • Aug 12th 9PM PT (Aug 13th 4am GMT) Deploy to Production (up to 4 hours)

We encourage customers to prepare to take the opportunity to test your integrations and provide feedback through the usual support channels, helping us to ensure a smooth release with no surprises.

If you have any questions or issues with the UAT update, please contact us directly:

Diane Miller
Community Manager

Admin Admin

Just a reminder that we are scheduled for our Summer 2017 Release Deploy to Production (up to 4 hours) to begin Aug 12th 9PM PT (Aug 13th 4am GMT).

We are hosting two customer webinars about the release next Thursday:

Diane Miller
Community Manager

We are pleased to announce that the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Summer 2017 has been deployed to the Production environment. The Platform is now operational and all scheduled, Ultra and manual pipeline executions should now be successfully executing.

For easy reference:

Diane Miller
Community Manager