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SnapLogic Integration Platform November 2023 Release is now in UAT


We encourage you to check out the new features available in UAT now and test-drive them using your own pipelines and datasets. 

Below are the exciting snapLogic November 2023 Release Highlights!

 Admin Manager: Streamlined Control

  • Easily manage allow lists for Groundplexes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Configure pipeline validation and control the number of documents displayed in Snap data previews. 

API Management: Instant Access, Enhanced Control

  • Explore the API catalog and documentation without the hassle of requiring a login or account to access the Developer Portal. 
  • Welcome new API policies:
    • JWT Validator Policy - Your secure token-based authentication.
    • mTLS Outbound Policy - Enhanced client and server certificate support.

AutoSync: Expanding Horizons

  • Discover new destination endpoints: On-premises Oracle and on-premises SQL Server. 
  • Introducing Google Analytics 4 as a source endpoint.

Platform: Fortified Security

  • Elevate security with Cloudplex Secure Connectivity. 

Snaps: Expanding Your Toolkit

  • Welcome the NetSuite REST Snap Pack:
    • NetSuite REST Read
    • NetSuite REST Execute
    • NetSuite REST Search
    • NetSuite REST Access Token Account
    • NetSuite REST M2M OAuth2 Account
  • Addition of Google Service Account to the HTTP Client Snap accounts supported.

 SnapGPT: Your SQL Assistant

  • Supercharge your data operations with improved support for generating SQL queries. 
  • Navigate with ease using the new SQL editor and review panel in the Designer. 

More details on the above features can be found in the November 2023 Release Notes.

 The rest of the release schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, Nov 8th, 7:00 PM PT

November 2023 release to production

(No planned downtime)

Saturday, Jan 6th, 4:00 PM PT 

Update of remaining Snaplexes to November 2023 release