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UAT Available: SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform Spring 2017 Release

Former Employee

The update to UAT is complete and available for use.

The planned release to production environment will be on Sunday, May 14, at 4 am UTC (Saturday, May 13, at 9 pm PT).

Featured Videos:

Integration Assistant:

Parameterizable Accounts:

Workday Performance Improvements:

Dynamics CRM:

Encrypt Decrypt:

Platform Updates Include:

  • Integration Assistant
  • Enhanced Asset Search with Snap labels
  • Pipeline Execution Runtime Network Statistics
  • Snaplex Restart

Snap Updates Include:

  • [New Snap Pack Added] Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365
  • [New Snaps] Field Encrypt and Decrypt, Confluent Kafka Acknowledge, SAP iDoc Document Listener
  • Performance Improvements in Workday Read and Write
  • Enhancements in Redshift- vacuum, configurable driver
  • Enhancements in Tableau- support for 10.1 and S3 upload

Platform release notes may be found here.
Snap release notes may be found here.

Links from within the UAT environment may not work until the new documentation site is rolled out.

Release schedule will be as follows:

April 22, 5 pm UTC (April 22, 10 am PT) - Complete
April 29, 5 pm UTC (April 29, 10 am PT) - First planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
May 06, 5 pm UTC (May 06, 10 am PT) - Final planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
May 14, 4 am UTC (May 13, 9 pm PT) - Deploy to Production (up to 4 hours)

We encourage customers to take the opportunity to test your integrations and provide feedback through the usual support channels, helping us to ensure a smooth release with no surprises.

Finally, we want to remind you that SnapLogic is requiring an upgrade to TLS 1.2 by June 4, 04:00 am UTC (June 3, 2017, at 9 pm PT).

If you have any questions about the release please contact us directly:

Thank you,

Timothy Lui
Product Manager


Admin Admin

Just a reminder that the Spring 2017 release is scheduled to be deployed to production this weekend starting at May 14, 4 am UTC (May 13, 9 pm PT) - Deploy to Production (up to 4 hours)

Diane Miller
Community Manager