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Binary union

New Contributor III

Hi Team,

While we have binary router, why not provide binary union. Actually I do not require “union” I need to merge routed flows. Here’s my case. I have a requirement where I have to transfer file from A to B. I am building this as a generic pipeline for anyone to use passing A and B details as pipeline parameter, the reason for common pipeline is to include common logging steps which otherwise will be repeated in all pipelines. I also want to make this pipeline generic to include optional encryption steps. Then pipeline will be able to transfer file from A to B with or without encryption based on the input parameter. Now to build this, I have to route input file binary if encrypt=true use PGP encrypt snap, and then I need to come back to common flow, which for now could be done with Union snap, but it supports only document union, which means I need to convert from binary to document just for union and then again I have to convert back to binary before writing the file to target.