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Can see Tables not Views of DB

New Contributor II

I am able to see my all Database tables from Snowflake in the snaps. But I have a database View that I use in Snowflake. Is there any way to see the Views so I can use a Snowflake snap and a select query that fetches data from the View. The snaps can only access Tables.



It’s more practical to use the “Snowflake - Execute” snap and get the desired columns from the view. Just write in the SQL statement and execute.

New Contributor II

Thanks. I am able to see the view now without any changes. Interesting. I am thinking it was another path related bug saying the view can’t be reached. I fixed the path. But still the view was not showing up. I closed Snaplogic and opened the next day and it was gone. My only guess is that the old bug which was not cleared when fixing the path, but cleared only when I closed the application.