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Copy snap creating output that is multiplied by number of records

New Contributor

I have a pipeline that creates files based upon 490 records in an Oracle table. I create the output by doing a select on static headings that I create and union it with actual records from the table and then I sftp the file. I wanted to also be able to email the file, so snapLogic support suggested adding a Copy snap and sending one to sftp and the other to email, so I added a Copy snap right after the Oracle Execute snap that then went to a CSV Formatter snap and then to a File Writer snap to sftp. The copy also went to a CSV Formatter and then a File Writer to create a file in my directory and finally an email snap to send the file. All of this worked EXCEPT that the listing I received was 491 records (which included a header) TIMES 490!!! For whatever reason, it repeated the copy 490 times!!! Any ideas as to why???



Hello @clarrivey, and welcome to the SnapLogic Community!

Can you share a screenshot of how you have your pipeline connected, or export the pipeline so I can look at it more closely?

New Contributor

Here is a screen shot (with the Oracle Execute right before it):
SL_Screenshot.docx (292.2 KB)

Copy Snap shouldn’t be the issue. It just duplicates the data to send to multiple endpoints. I see that Oracle Execute has input view. Can you send the slp file.

Also Dashboard is good place to monitor the records.


I agree @skatpally - next steps are to view the Dashboard statistics for the job so we can see the number of records into the Oracle Execute and number of records out, along with taking a closer look at the pipeline snap settings.

@clarrivey - if you can export your pipeline and upload the SLP file here, it will give us more of the information we need to help.