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List properties of a Snap

New Contributor III

I'm trying to build and debug my POC and I'm not 100% with what snaps have what properties and what kind of things I can work with. So it would be very helpful if there was a way to see what properties a Snap has after running it. 

For example I have a Postgres Select snap and I want to run a router after it. What can I do to see what properties of the Postgres Snap I can reference in the router?

I remember when I was working with Azure Data Factory figuring this out was crucial in my process of understanding what I could and could not do with the tool.



@rriley99 - Are you familiar with the Pipeline Validation option?


Use this instead of the Execute Pipeline and you will see your snaps turn light green as they complete as well as a document preview icon that appears between each snap:


If you click on that black icon that looks a bit like a text document icon, a window pops up that allows you to see the documents that are being passed from one snap to the next.  In addition, if you edit the snap (in this case, the Router snap), you can click the dropdown arrow at the end of the Expression input, then click the Dialogue Pop-out icon at the top right of the dropdown list, which will bring up the Expression Builder window.



The Expression Builder shows you the full Input Schema, Pipeline Parameters, and all Functions and Properties in the expression language.  The Expression Builder is also available in any snap that allows expressions (so pretty much everywhere).  Note that the Input Schema is not available until you have validated the pipeline following any saved changes.

Hope this helps!



New Contributor III

Ok, so if I were click on this router and look at the expressions, I do see pipeline parameters and then the columns from my postgres select snap. I do see all the functions/properties too, but I've seen the same for like every snap, so are they pretty much the same across the board then?