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Training is available in various formats. This page provides a high level of information. Go to SnapLogic Academy | SnapLogic for all training details.

Customer Training

SnapLogic 101 Workshops: Experience this instructor-led intelligent integration virtual training and hands-on workshop.

Learning Paths

Integrator: This course provides a great starting point for integration developers, administrators, and citizen integrators. Based on your level of expertise, you can choose Beginner Training, Professional Training, or get access to the SnapLogic E-Learning Library.

Snap Developer: SnapLogic provides SDK and the Maven Plugin to support custom Snap development. The Snap Development Training course provides a structured walkthrough of the SDK and demonstrates the development process to implement different parts of the Snap functionality.

Architect Training: The SnapLogic Architect course covers the key strategies for architecture selection. This course walks you through various Integration reference architectures.

Administrator: These courses cover basic and advanced administrative functionalities, CICD, and more. SnapLogic Administrator Training, SnapLogic Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

The Enterprise Automation Professional Certification program is now available to all, free of charge. Integrators, developers, architects, and administrators interested in learning more about the new program and how to become certified for free can click here. For all other pricing, go to the course pages. SnapLogic Partners receive a discount on certifications and training.

SnapLogic Accreditation and Certifications

SnapLogic offers the following accreditation and certifications:

  • SnapLogic Accreditation
  • SnapLogic Certified Integrator
  • SnapLogic Certified Developer
  • SnapLogic Certified Architect
  • SnapLogic Certified Administrator
  • SnapLogic Certified Enterprise Automation Professional
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