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Videos: Higher Ed Tech Day Webcasts

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Past Events (On DEMAND)

April 28, 2022: What We’ve Learned About How Higher Ed Institutions Navigate in this Changing World

  • Stephen Choate, Associate Director of Integration, Boston University
  • Jeffrey Newhart, Solutions Integration Developer, Ithaca College
  • Diane Miller, Product Marketing Manager, SnapLogic

May 20, 2021: Centralizing student and faculty data, and safeguarding campuses from COVID-19

  • JD Mills, Manager, Digital Transformation, Davidson College Technology & Innovation
  • Tony Kowalick, Asst Director, Enterprise Systems – Web Development, Skidmore College
  • Paul Coleman, Database Administrator, Skidmore College

Sep 16 2020: Higher Ed Institutions navigating in this changing world

  • Carmine Granucci, Assistant Director, Integration, Boston University Information Services & Technology
  • Julia Keller, Director, Enterprise Data & Integration Services, Smith College
  • Dhananjay Bapat, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, SnapLogic

Diane Miller
Community Manager