2021 Business Impact Award Nomination: Schneider Electric: Decentralizing integration with a Citizen Developer Model

Describe your business and technical use case(s) and the challenges the business had.

Enable more employees to become more autonomous and productive
business teams become more agile, leading to reduced time-to-market, and lower cost and complexity

Describe your strategy and execution to solve the business challenge. Include details on how SnapLogic played a role in the strategy and execution, including Snaps and other SnapLogic products/features.

In order for the Operating Model to empower teams and become more autonomous, they needed to ensure that these citizen developers applied the right standards, architecture, design and cybersecurity rules while safeguarding data governance. As a result, the Digital team sought for an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that could help them achieve their Operating Model.

the Digital team enables citizen developers to build their own assets with step-by-
step support. In the Light Support tier, citizen developers build their own assets with some level of support. Citizen developers who are certified and comfortable building their own assets receive minimal support. All of the citizen developers have access to the SnapLogic platform to build their applications.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution? (Please include the # of FTEs, any partners or SnapLogic professional services who were involved on the implementation)

140+ Citizen developers empowered to build their own apps

What were the business results after executing the strategy?

  • Nearly 150 citizen developers empowered to build their own applications
  • More than 100 applications integrated across the company
  • Autonomy and productivity increased for business teams

What was the ROI you gained from executing the strategy? Include any additional measurable metrics (ie. productivity improvement, speed improvement, % reduced manual inefficiencies, etc.)

Since implementing the new Operating Model, the Digital team has enabled nearly 150 citizen developers and has integrated more than 100 systems across Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain and other departments to build more than 80 integration pipelines to date. With employees increasing autonomy, they are empowered to
serve customers, wherever they are, at a much faster speed, resulting in higher business impact and innovation.