Accessing BITBUCKET from snaplogic

Can someone help me for accessing the Bitbucket code from the snaplogic ?

How to create a public key in the Bitbucket and how to use the same for creating account in the snaplogic ?

Please follow below steps:

  • Try to create the access token in BITBUCKET for your repositories.
  • And then use BITBUCKET API in-order to access the repositories.
  • In SnapLogic create REST with Dynamic OAuth2 account/OAuth account and then use the access token.
  • Then using REST Snap you can able to access the BITBUCKET repositories with the help of GET API call.

Useful links:


Hi @Surendar

The Access tokens was not available for everyone in the organisation to create for the REST.

There were only Access tokens available for SSH which will not work for REST API.

So We created a service account and given the account the BitBucket access and used the it as Basic Authentication for accessing the bitbucket files.

Thanks for the links :slight_smile:

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