Anaplan CA Certificates Migration

Anaplan is extending the deadline to migrate to Certificate Authority (CA) certificates to February 26, 2020 when Anaplan will update their production certificate. This will replace validation for Anaplan certificates, wherein existing Anaplan certificates will cease to work once this certificate is issued. This new certificate is to be used for existing clients on the legacy certificate authentication. This certificate will NOT work on clients using the CA certificates. Anaplan recommends that customers update their integration clients to a version that supports Certificate Authentication 2.0 that uses a CA certificate.

What are we doing?

We will upgrade our Anaplan Snap Pack to v2.0 APIs on February 26, 2020. The upgraded Anaplan Snap Pack will only support v2.0 APIs with basic and certificate authority authentication, and will NOT support the Anaplan-generated certificate option.

In basic authentication, the username and password is sent to the Anaplan Server, over SSL. Certificate authority authentication requires a certificate and a private key to verify the user to the Anaplan Server. To support this, Certificate file and Certificate der properties are replaced with External certificate file, External certificate contents, and External private key properties that require a CA-supplied certificate to authenticate. The Anaplan certificate is stored locally and on the Anaplan server. The private key is never sent to the Anaplan server and is used to generate a one-time passcode (nonce) that is sent along with the certificate. The public key portion of the certificate is used to verify the contents of the nonce and validate the user.

We recommend you to plan ahead and either switch to basic authentication or have the certificate authority authentication ready by February 26, 2020. Contact if you face any issues while migrating to basic or CA authentication.

Need more information?

For more information regarding how to proceed, best practices and what is required by your organization - please click on the link below:

As always, feel free to contact for help.