Comparing pipelines across projects

We are developing a number of pipelines to be published within a Pattern project, to be used by our clients to drive their integrations. We have a “reference implementation” project space with a project per product version.

In our SnapLogic organization we have a project space for each client. Additionally we have a development project space for developing pipelines. To promote our pipelines we are thinking of copying the pipeline from the development project space to the appropriate pattern project within the reference implementation project space.

We would like to be able to use the compare pipeline feature to compare the development version of a pipeline with the current reference implementation. However, it looks like the compare pipeline feature is unable to compare pipelines across different project spaces. How can we do this?

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This functionality has been requested by another customer recently. I’ll add you to the requestor list.

Please add me too. Ty.


I’ve done the same for all feature enhancements that have come in through the community.

@dmiller, is there any update on the pipeline comparison capability?


Can you please add me also? It would be a nice feature.


The Compare pipelines feature as of Fall 2017 does allow you to compare pipelines across project spaces within the same org.


See How to Compare Two Pipelines for more information.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that. :frowning:

Thank you! Can’t believe I missed that feature… One thing I noticed is when I’m in the Compare and I click between Identical, Similar, and Different is that some of the snaps get reoriented. Then when I close the Compare, the original pipeline has also been changed and reoriented. I don’t save, but wanted to comment. Any future possibility of doing the compare across organizations? Thanks again!

I’ll let the Dev team know about the Snap orientation.

I don’t currently see a request for compare across orgs.