Draw a connection line between snaps that are connected but not physically connected

After dragging and connecting two snaps that are not physically snapped together, the connection is indicated by a numeric entry in both snaps connections. In large, complex pipelines, such a connection is hard to read or find in the case of tracing through or debugging the pipeline.
To ease that difficulty, a user should be able to hover over one part of the connection, and after a slight delay, a line should be drawn to connect the other side. This visual aide will greatly aid in tracing.

+1 for this. Especially in bigger pipelines, it’s hard to see where the next step is when the pipelines aren’t connected.

Did you know you can hard press a connection to see the link between two snaps?

You can zoom out or FIt to Window and hard press on a gotolink or a connection and it would highlight the two snaps.

Watch this video.

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I did not, and this is extremely helpful. It still seems to me that in larger pipelines, this hard press may need multiple ‘presses’ to find the matching connection. A line or visual connection would lead to faster recognition.
But it is better than previously thought. Thanks.