Employee Journey: Insert new employee into Workday

Created by @rdill

This pipeline pattern allows users to respond to a REST Post event triggered by a third party HR solution (e.g. Jobvite, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.) and insert new employee(s) data into Workday.



This pipeline requires the proper structure to insert a new employee in Workday. There are two kinds of data needed to create a new employee, “static” data, such as country reference, organization reference, etc. The second is the dynamic data, user name, hire date, etc. The pipeline is configured to provide the static data and all the user needs to do is provide the dynamic data.

Sources: Any application that can invoke a REST Post to create an employee in Workday and contains the necessary attributes to create a new employee in Workday. (In this case, a JSON document is used.)
Targets: Workday: Service, Staffing, Object, Hire Employee
Snaps used: File Reader, JSON Parser, Mapper, Workday Write


POST Hire Employee.slp (9.4 KB)

Do you have any example when there’s two rows for one employee? Like one employee have two addresses which needs to be load in one time?

I do not have a pipeline that checks for multiple locations. But It’s not that simple, multiple locations of what? The position or the worker? While input data may be coming from a “flat” file or relational table, objects in Workday are multi-dimensional. Most data elements are arrays, so if you want to have multiple locations you would need to give each location it’s own ID in the appropriate array. That would require additional steps that are not in this example.

If one employee have more than one email address/locations, is this example fit to this option? If not the case, how shall we pass the values to workday write?