Fields are auto appended at the end

Hi Good day,

I am stuck at an issue where I happened to find there is an extra string getting appended at the end of the field name. We are filtering the Japanese field name based on certain conditions.

I am processing the field name (バイオの選択)

While placing the file and processing the data, the header is converted to バイオの選択 センタク

File Screenshot:

Snap Screenshot:


This error randomly happens when filtering the headers written in the Japanese language.

Please help to resolve this.

Also please let us know is it required to share the test file and the snap built for this process


Hi @Harsha3,

Can you please share a sample flat file in order to understand the issue in detail?

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Please find the file (refer to CA)

TEZ TEST.xlsx (29.7 KB)

@Harsha3: The sample file you shared, is that the flat file you’re trying to work on in snapLogic or is that the file which got generated from snapLogic after processing?

I would want to see the original sample data which you want to process.

I’ve worked on flat files having foreign characters (like japanese, chinese, korean) and while using CSV UTF-8 formatting, it worked for me.
For user case, if you’re seeing any characters getting appended, I would recommend converting your excel into a CSV with UTF-8 encoding and then go ahead with the transformations.

You can always change the format of file as per the desired output in the end using formatter snap.

@Harsha3: I assumed you shared the input data with me and all I did was converted that into CSV UTF-8 encoding style. Using the csv as an input file, here is what I see in my csv parser:

I believe, the extra characters are not coming in anymore, please test it out with all your 140 fields and use this alternative. The other notable difference is that when you use excel file as an inputData, not all fields are visible in the parser.

Please keep me posted with your findings.


Hi Harsha,

Good day, in addition if possible you can also save the current file as “Excel 97-2003 Workbook”



TEZ TEST.xls (54.5 KB)


@Harsha3 Could those be a CRLF, ie someone presses Alt-Enter/Enter while entering in the values or copies them from some with CRLF?