How to call the parameters already in the existing pipeline and their values in the rest get snap url

I have called the Client name parameter in the existing pipeline ,That you can see the snap shoot

Currently, the main agenda is

As I call the URL in the rest get snap I receive the username and in the same way I must receive the client name in the result set of that URL.

Here is the URL

When we pass the Client parameter in the URL, the name of the client should be added to the JSON result set, as shown below in screenshot like User id

Could you please help me to find the client name of a particular user ID I have

You can split your current pipeline just before the rest get call and add the second part as a child pipeline, and instead of passing the client as an incoming field, pass it like a parameter. Add the parameter in the child pipeline just so you can check the capture checkbox. Than at the end you’ll receive the clients in the child pipelines.

But be ware, if you’re passing high number of emails, than you’ll have many child executions, and you cannot use the ‘reuse’ option.


I am calling all the Scheduled jobs via the rest get snap URL to capture all the details of pipeline…

Now we have already added the client name parameter to the parent pipeline and to the child pipeline, so how can we add it to the API?

Here I don’t have any other snap to spilt
just I am calling the URL in rest get
This URL will give the details of scheduled Job
here I need to add the client name parameter for particular user id



this is result set of my url, which I am passing in rest get

Are you trying to get executions from a specific user? Than add a query parameter:

Key: user_id


I am getting the User_id already I need the client name of the user_id ,which we pass the client name parameter in parent and child pipeline


Pass the client name (by client name I suppose you mean organization) from a parameter, and at the same check the capture option.

I pass the Organization name in URL but the client name is different here

I’m not sure I understand. Can you elaborate on this? What’s username and what’s clientname in your case?

Here we can see passing the parameter as a client name in child pipeline
this client name parameter I need to call in rest get url


If you want to use the ClientName parameter, then just add _ClientName in the REST Get call query parameters(and you will get details for that particular user):

Here you can find all the parameters that Monitoring API can use:

Spiro Taleski