How to Implement Update in Diff Snap


Using diff I am able to insert new records in the table, but for an update, it is not working either it will update all the records with the latest record or insert the new record without checking.

please help me to find the exact error. Mentioned below is the pipeline for your reference.


first time result only for insert is correct:-

for Update wrong:-

diff and Update snap details:-


Hi @rpathak,

For your update snap, you will need to include a record identifier condition in the Update Condition field. Otherwise, for every input record, it updates all the records in the table matching the UPDTD_TS>=getdate()-2 condition.

So you might change your current Update Condition to something like:
COUPON_ID = $COUPON_ID and UPDTD_TS>=getdate()-2

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Hi @del,

Thank you for the reply. The issue has been resolved using your given suggestion.