How to monitor a JCC

If you want to monitor a JCC, please follow the following instructions:


  1. jmxremote_optional-repackaged-3.1.1.jar (If you compile jcc locally, you will have this library at ~/.m2/repository/org/glassfish/external/jmxremote_optional-repackaged/3.1.1/jmxremote_optional-repackaged-3.1.1.jar)

  2. Monitoring tool like jvisualvm or jconsole

Run the following command in the shell:

jvisualvm -cp:a <path_to_jmxremote_optional-repackaged-3.1.1.jar> "$@"

Eg : jvisualvm -cp:a ~/.m2/repository/org/glassfish/external/jmxremote_optional-repackaged/3.1.1/jmxremote_optional-repackaged-3.1.1.jar “$@”

3.Once the UI comes up, Click on add remote connection and enter the following service uri:


eg : for


Thanks for the detailed instructions on monitoring a JCC!

What kind of situations would this be useful for us implementing?

Just trying understand what I don’t know :slight_smile: