Incoming request xml is getting transformed into json

Hello All,

I have a requirement where I have exposed my pipeline via the task. The input for this service is XML.
I have to again pass on the incoming request data to some third party service for their processing.(using rest post)
Now somehow the incoming request is getting transformed into JSON. And I am not able to invoke the third party service as it always gives me data mismatch error.

I have already tried using json generator but as its output is binary again I am facing some issues in feeding the data to rest post.

If you can provide a screenshot of your pipe and it’s error. I might be able to give you some pointer.

Attaching the screenshots. I have for now kept it simple just used a JSON generator and fed the output of it to REST POST.issue_1

Documents in snaplogic are always in JSON when coming out of a circle connector (as opposed to the diamond connectors). In this case the XML string that is generated is put on an xml field in the generated json document, so if you want to send that to a REST call you would have to properly reference that field.

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