Invoking a SL pipeline with a REST call

Hi all,
I am utterly new to Snaplogic and I need to be able to invoke.execute a pipeline with a REST call ie I need to expose a trigger in SL as a REST endpoint that can be invoked by a service running else where. Is this possible and if so how?

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In Designer, expand the toolbar to expose the additional Tools and click the Create Task icon and select Triggered Task:
Double check the options and consult the online help if you have questions on any of the options.

Then go into Manager and find the Task you just created, click the dropdown arrow next to the Task name and select Details
If you are running a Groundplex, select which URL makes sense based on your requirement: Cloud (external-facing - i.e. outside your firewall) or On-Premise (internal - i.e. inside your firewall)

Hope this helps!