Passing credentials in JSON body to authorization endpoint

Some services I am working with require a REST Post to an authorization endpoint obtain a session token to be used in the header in subsequent REST calls. The authorization endpoint requires the account credentials to be passed in a JSON object in the request body.

This can be accomplished easily enough in SnapLogic by using a JSON Generator and a REST Post Snap.

2020-10-02 13_51_36-SnapLogic Designer - Export Informatica Activity Log - _TWUDev_projects_Jacob Er

2020-10-02 13_52_14-SnapLogic Designer - Export Informatica Activity Log - _TWUDev_projects_Jacob Er

However, this is not ideal from a security or account management perspective because the account credentials are stored directly in the pipeline in plain text and not as an account object.

Is there a better way to store credentials and use them in a pipeline for services that use this kind of authentication pattern?

Hi @jervin

You can try with REST Basic Auth Account.

In the REST Post snap(Account Tab) you should select the created auth account:


Spiro Taleski