Post EEO Data to Workday

I have an existing pipeline that posts an applicant’s job application data to Workday. This is basic information like the applicant’s first name, last name, address, and the job requisition id. I need to add EEO data (Equal Employment Opportunity) to Workday. This data is basically composed of gender, disability status, veteran status, Hispanic/Latino indicator, and race/ethnicity.

I can’t find the schema that the Write Workday snap uses to direct this data to where it needs to land in Workday. For instance, to send the job requisition id value, we use a mapper to move that data to $Candidate_Data.Job_Application_Data[].Job_Applied_To_Data[].Job_Reference.ID[*].value. This works.

I’m hoping somebody here knows how I can send EEO data to the Write Workday snap so that it posts successfully. How can I find the Workday schema that the Workday Write snap uses?

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Hello @alex.panganiban.guild ,

Please take a look at the Workday write snap properties, these 2 fields Service and Object.
One particular case - Service=Recruiting, Object=Put_Applicant.

Based on the Workday account permission granted to your user, you can see all Services/Objects - connected to your Workday account.
If needed, ask your Workday consultant which Service/Object needs to be used in Workday write snap for the above mentioned EEO data fields. After that you can easily map them.

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This was my first time working with Workday and the Workday snap pack. Thank you so much for this information. It was quite helpful and I was able to complete my work.

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