Provide ability to retain pipeline versioning history when cloning a pipeline

I’d like to request the ability (ideally as an option on the copy pipeline dialog) for the Copy pipeline operation to retain versioning history:

It would be ideal if the Snaplogic Metadata Snaps could also be extended to provide the option to select this behavior when copying pipelines from one project to another.


While I see your point, One strong argument against is if I have lots of versions with large sizes of pipelines, it is a waste of disk space when that pipeline is not going to be used at all.

Since it is optional you wouldn’t have to bring the versions across. I could also see some audits throwing red flags if you see changes made by someone that shouldn’t have access to a given area. We should tag that as copied or that should be clear it wasn’t done in a given instance. Let’s see what the community interest looks like for this ask.