Router snap to evaluate stream using a pipeline parameter

Hi all,

So I have a pipeline that does an SQL Execute using two pipeline params, TableName and Schema.
These values are passed via a triggered task API to the pipeline.

Now I want to use another SQL Execute, but to a different Database Server, so I made a new snap for that.

So, now I want to evaluate a new pipeline param called Country, to then decide which stream to use for the query.

I placed a Router snap and in the condition used the following: _Country == “” as the expression to evaluate the route. So country1 would go to output0 and then country2 would go to output1.

That’s not working for me.

Is it that the Router snap can only handle documents and not criteria based on the pipeline param?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Should work fine to use pipeline parameters in the Router expressions. Would you mind sharing a snippet of how you’ve got the pipeline parameter set up and how the Router is configured? Here’s an example that I used to test.

router-param-example_2019_09_19.slp (5.5 KB)

Ok, so I checked mine against yours, and I wasn’t using a snap before the Router. I guess that was bugging it out.
Got it working now, thanks @tlikarish