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How to get data from NetSuite GET/Search Snap by passing specific input field

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As per the Snaplogic documentation, it seems for the NetSuite GET SNAP along with the object name another parameter which we can pass as an input view of the Snap using an upstream Mapper is the internalId ($record.internalId) of the object itself. 

However, In my use case, I want to retrieve data for a NetSuite object by passing the object name and some other field ($record.entity.internalId) of the same object as input parameters.

But when I try to do that pipeline fails (INVALID_KEY_OR_REF) as the Target schema in the Mapper only supports specific fields (externalId, internalId, name, type)

Below is the screenshot of my pipeline and Mapper properties.



I also tried with NetSuite Search SNAP but here I am not sure what exact expression I can pass in input Mapper for NetSuite search to only get the specific record, because if I try  Expression as {} and Target as $searchRecord then it returns almost everything, however, I only want specific record.

So can someone please help with how I can get the above scenario to work in Snaplogic? 

Please note we are using NetSuite Token Account to authenticate with NetSuite within Snaplogic. I have also already confirmed with our NetSuite Admin, and as per them, the account which is used by Snaplogic to authenticate with NetSuite has the necessary permissions granted.


cc: @ptaylor @Supratim @SpiroTaleski 


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Hi @Vikas2022 , CustomerSubsidiaryRelationship object is standard NS object, it seems the WSDL year might be not correct. First please edit the NS account and validate the XSDL year of your account, it should be 2023 (Refer pic-1). and then try. You can also verify your changes if you open one NS create snap and check this object is coming or not. Refer -pic2






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Thanks, @Supratim I updated the WSDL year value to 2023 and yes now the object is displayed as a Standard object. However, the actual issue persists in retrieving data for a NetSuite object by passing the object name and some other field ($record.entity.internalId) of the same object as input parameters.

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Try replace $record.entity.internalId with $baseRef.internalId

Hello, @SpiroTaleski  $baseRef.internalId should be used if I want to get data of an object based on internalId field of that object. However, in my use case, I want to get data of an object not based on internalId field but on some other field of the same object which is why I was trying with $record.entity.internalId But when I try to do that pipeline fails (INVALID_KEY_OR_REF)