Seclore encrypted file processing


I have a file which is encrypted by ‘Seclore’ and now I wanted to read this file data using SnapLogic and write it to text format.

To read the data in my local system I have installed ‘Seclore Desktop Client.exe’ software which is decrypting this file locally and I am able to view the data.

But not sure how to decrypt this using SnapLogic. Can anyone help here to solve this issue.

Thank you in advance!


You have to use a Script snap. It supports JavaScript, Python and Ruby. Here is an article that uses Javascript Achieve Custom 256BIT AES/CBC/PKCS7 Encryption in SnapLogic Using Script Snap - ⋮IWConnect
The basic python support with the Script snap is limited to some basic packages, but depending on the encryption you might be able to make a decryption

However, if you additionally have the Snaplogic RPE you can use the Remote Python Script and try with many of the python’s packages for encr/decr.