Snaplex Health Dashboard: Show Last-Known Status

The “Health” tab on the snaplex dashboard can only show messages (warning, error, etc.) for snaplexes that are online. If you have a snaplex that is intermittently online/offline (for example, fighting another application for control of a port), the SnapLogic user must “catch it in the act” during the brief time the snaplex is up and connected to the backplane.

Also, if a snaplex has gone down, we cannot check the last known status to determine why it may have gone down.

(“Just logging into the server” is not a sufficient option for us: most of our snaplexes are run on our customer’s servers, and doing a remote administrative login becomes a significant “support event” requiring a scheduled shared session with the customer’s sysadmin.)

Please make the health dashboard keep at least “last known status” (or, preferably, 60 days history the way that all your other logs do), and make it available for any snaplex in the list, online or not.