SnapLogic at BoxWorks on August 28th in San Francisco

From @rjlink:

Hi everyone! SnapLogic is going to be speaking at BoxWorks on August 28th in San Francisco about how SnapLogic and Box can be used together to help enterprises automate the delivery of information from enterprise applications such as Workday, Salesforce and ServiceNow as well as legacy on-premises solutions like SAP and Oracle to Box. This helps Box users get the visibility they need into data from enterprise applications and removes their reliance on overstretched IT teams to create and upload files on demand.

We would love to hear about any interesting use cases from across the SnapLogic Community involving SnapLogic and Box to reference during our presentation. Let us know!


We have and use the BOX Snap Pack quite a bit, with the built-in BOX Account and BOX Snaps for certain common operations. I would love to be able to use other BOX APIs that don’t necessarily have pre-built snaps, and still somehow use my same BOX Account from within SnapLogic.

Hi Diane - A colleague of mine is attending BoxWorks next week, but could not find anything related to SnapLogic in the agenda builder. What are the session details?

Hi Chris,

I’m checking with the team. I’ll let you know.

Still waiting for details, but looking at the BoxWorks schedule, that only shows the 29th and 30th.
We appear to be there on the 28th.

Automating Enterprise Connectivity with Box and SnapLogic ” on opening night, Tuesday, August 28 at 7:40pm in the Attic Theater.

Press release about the event:

Thanks Diane!