SnapLogic Folder Access Check

Created by @MohammedRafi from Agilisium

The purpose of this pattern pipeline is to create an API that accepts user’s Email ID as an input and returns the list of SnapLogic project folders to which the user has Read, Write and Execute (R,W,X) permissions. If the user doesn’t have full access to any of the folders in SnapLogic then the pipeline will throw an empty array list.

The objective is to support administration and verify access level information for each user in order to maintain governance.

The pattern consists of three pipelines:


This pipeline is created as Triggered task. It consumes the Email ID and triggers the child pipeline and the output will be written in JSON format.

Parameters: EmailID
Output Values: EmailID and Path

  • Example:
    {“emailId":"”,“path”:["/DEV/projects/MohammedRafi “,”/ DEV/projects/Rafi","/ DEV/projects/46313-Connect","/ DEV/projects/Transform1.0_SPARK","/ DEV/projects/Snaplogic-logs"]}


This pipeline verifies the user has read access to all the project spaces.

Parameters: EmailID
Output Values: The output field Path will be passed to the “Master_Snaplogic_Folder_Access_Check” pipeline


This pipeline verifies the user has RWX access for all the project folders.


Output Values: The output fields Path and Email ID will be passed to the “Snaplogic_User_Folder_Access_Check” pipeline


Sources: REST API call by passing Email ID as parameter
Targets: REST API Response and SLDB file
Snaps used: Mapper, GroupBy, PipelineExecute, FileWriter, Snaplogic List, REST Get, Unique, and Filter


Master-SnapLogic-Folder-Access-Check.slp (15.1 KB)
SnapLogic-User-Folder-Access-Check.slp (21.8 KB)
Child_User_Folder_Access_Check.slp (19.8 KB)