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Purple to Redshift-WiFi Analytics

Created by @asharifian , SnapLogic This pattern integrates Purple with Redshift. Purple is a WiFi analytics application that builds detailed visitor profiles and tracks visitors in your venues, such as conferences, workshops, gatherings, etc. At Pu...

Customer Onboarding Automation

Created by IWConnect This pattern is a customer onboarding use case that creates an automated data flow between a customer portal application and the Salesforce CRM platform, and then back to the customer portal application. Whether to kick off the ...

dmiller by Admin
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Workday to Oracle and BambooHR of Employee Information

Created by @asharifian This pattern provides an HRIS integration from Workday to Oracle and BambooHR. Oracle will store employee information in a database table for analytics purposes. BambooHR is an HRIS system that will store employee information ...

John Galt Atlas to Salesforce of Forecast Data

Contributed by @asharifian, SnapLogic This pattern provides an integration between John Galt Atlas and Salesforce. Atlas is a supply chain demand planning application. This integration will insert and update annual forecast data from Atlas to Salesfo...

Archiving Files

Submitted by @stodoroska from Interworks This pipeline reads the file from source location, writes it to the archive location, and after that deletes the files from source location. Configuration Source and Archive location are configured using pi...

dmiller by Admin
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CI/CD Solution with Bitbucket

Submitted by @Linus and @uchohan The pipelines in this solution are for a proposed CI/CD process. The implementation and documentation will enable the following capabilities Ability to source control any SnapLogic Pipeline, Task and Account Commit ...

Linus by Former Employee
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