Tail Snap and Ultra Pipelines

I’ve written a pipeline which is setup for Ultra. I’ve been advised to use non-ultra snaps, to place them in pipelines that the ultra is going to execute using the Pipeline execute.

The problem is with Tail it seems.
When executing in our dev environment, I was getting the expected results. However in Ultra it looks to be different.

Example issue
50 records copied to do two different tasks
First copy is to do a DB read for each record – Input shows 50 incoming docs, output though is only 1

The second copy is to a Tail with only one (last one) as the output - works as expected 50 docs in and 1 out.

It seems as if the Tail that is being processed is affecting the data output of the DB query, where it’s also limited the output to just a single record.

This doesn’t seem to happen during an execute or triggerred task. Wondering if the Ultra is the one causing this.