Target Schema Disappears When You Save


Here’s a scenario that I come across often.

Lets say you have a mapper feeding into a NetSuite Create Snap.

You press the verify button, and when it completes you open up the mapper and you now have a Target Schema that makes mapping easy – great!

So you make some changes and press the save button on the mapper, and the Target Schema disappears – terrible! You have to press verify again and wait for the Target Schema to reappear.

Is this fixable? Perhaps the Target Schema can be cached and remain in place until you press the verify button again? Or perhaps I’m missing something and there’s another way around my problem?

Thanks for your time!

We do cache the schemas.

However, When you change any property of a snap, that invalidates all the downstream schemas.

You can change your settings to autovalidate on. That will automatically validate the pipe after every save.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting back to me on this!

What you said makes sense and is perfectly logical, thanks for the explanation.

Allow me to expand slightly: what I’m trying to ultimately achieve is faster pipeline development. When I have to wait for a validation that reaches out to multiple external systems on every save it’s an unwelcome interruption, and that time can really add up.

You mentioned how the cache is invalidated on every change. I just want to point out that SnapLogic forces you to save constantly – if I make an update to a snap, I’m fully blocked unless I press save or cancel to discard my changes. Otherwise a workaround would be to simply save less often, but this is not realistic.

Currently there is a feature to disable auto-validation on save. I’m very grateful for this feature because of how much time it saves. Considering your response I believe what I’m asking now is to please not invalidate the cache unless the validation button is pressed. I believe this is inline with the intended behavior of disabling auto-validation on save.

Thanks again for your time.