To access Mainframe Dataset

Hi All,

I am trying to access a data set which is present in mainframe…the dataset name looks like this : ‘PSSP.CUS.INBND.CUSTOMER’ .

When I try to access same dataset/file through filezilla…i am able to access…
But when am trying from file reader/directory browser by giving path as ftp://host/‘PSSP.CUS.INBND.CUSTOMER’ … Snap sends out error and it says path doesn’t not exist…

Could you please help us if there is any specific format to give dataset name in file reader.

You need to encode the special characters with the encodeURIComponent() method. It should look something like this:


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It didn’t work.Mainframe is is z/os

Recheck quotation marks

You mean to give the quotes the way you have given in first comment

Te dataset starts with single quote and ends with single quote.

I tried with quotes , without quotes , and also the way u have given …but it is not showing any result.

Do you have access to the ftp using filezilla or any other third party app? If so, you can right click and copy url path to file. Send the url or just the filename here, while wraping it in `. Additionally send a screenshot of the file.

I copied and pasted same url in file* filereader snap but it doesnt give any output.

Well, as I can see, the TSSP.CUS.BFO.INBND.CUSTOMER
Is not a filename, but folder structure path. Per my opinion the dots should be changed to slashes.


Didnt work