Transformation for data


We have below requirment:

Original data from data soure(e.g. database)

Here’s what we need to transform to:

Appreciate any kind of suggestions.


There’s got to be an easier way, but I succeeded with a Mapper containing the following expression and then a Splitter following the Mapper.

$Errors.replace(/\d+. /g,"|").split("|").map(x => {“Name”:$Name,“FMNO”:$FMNO,“Phone #1”:$[‘Phone #1’],“Phone #2”:$[‘Phone #2’],“Email”:$Email,“Error”:x}).filter((v,k)=>v.Error!="")

LOL, I challenged myself to make it better. It’s not prettier, but you’re not stuck to hard-coding column names.

$Errors.replace(/ *\d+. /g,"|").split("|").map(x => $.mapValues((v1,k1)=>k1 == “Errors” ? x : v1).mapKeys((v2,k2)=>k2 == “Errors” ? “Error” : k2)).splice(1)

Surely, someone can improve on this even…

Thanks so much, it really helps.

The only thing is that the result comes into different groups by ppl name.
How to flat the result so everything goes into one structure(no group)


Do something like the below steps.

  1. In the Mapper - Errors.split(’.’) - but it will not split when you have only one error. You need to come up with some logic there.
  2. add a JSON splitter and
  • split in on Errors
  • use scalar parents checkbox or add the path you want to. The former should work for this.

Adding a splitter snap after the mapper flattened the data for me.

Also, there’s a dozen ways to do this I think. The expression I provided keeps the pipeline short, but it’s hard to interpret if you need to debug. You can simplify the expression and use additional snaps. Attached is a pipeline with just two possible options that achieve the same results.

community-1794_2017_12_14.slp (10.7 KB)