Triggering SnapLogic pipeline from external system

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As of now we are triggering snaplogic pipeline through basic authentication. We are configuring task url and bearer token and triggering the pipeline from external systems . This is basic authentication. Is there any mechanism in snaplogic that supports oAuth2 for authentication while triggering pipelines . The requirement in the project is triggering task url from salesforce . We have hardcoded bearer token which is not recommended. Can we trigger pipeline through oauth or oauth2.0 authentication? Please help

There is currently no OAuth support in the platform. I believe the only authentication we support are basic authentication and the bearer token.

For other/advanced authentication methods, please consider the use of one of the API management platforms, there are Stand-alone ones and those provided by the cloud platforms. SnapLogic integrates directly with Apigee, and also generates Swagger/OpenAPI definitions for use with others.

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